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You Me At Six Gunnersville Highlights

relive you me at six’s epic headline show at gunnersville on sunday 8th september.

As well as awesome performances by jimmy Eat World, Deaf Havana, Sundara Karma, The Maine, As It Is and Milk Teeth.

Sunday at Gunnersville blew our minds with out of this world performances. Our headliners You Me At Six played their biggest outdoor show to date. And, gave us a once in a lifetime chance to hear their singles in chronological order.

Arizona rockers Jimmy Eat World flew in to play all of the ‘Bleed American’ classics and drop new song, ‘Criminal Action’. Whilst, Deaf Havana made a welcome return home to get us bouncing to cuts from their last album, ‘Rituals’.

Sundara Karma, The Maine, As It Is and Milk Teeth also raised the roof of our Big Top tent with sublime shows.

So, get ready to return to Gunnersbury Park one more time and dive deep into our Sunday Gunnersville Highlights.

Milk Teeth

Punk trio Milk Teeth take a snarling bite out of the Big Top as they kick off Sunday at Gunnersville. In a sweet 30 minutes the band fill us with a hefty helping of gritty grunge and hooky punk pop melodies.

The riffs of ‘I Stabbed You First’ from their ‘Go Away’ EP today are as snarled as Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’. Whilst the poppier jam of ‘Nearby Catfight’, taken from the same EP, makes hitting rock bottom sound like goals.

Guitarist Josh Bannister sets the growling bar high today as he sounds like he’s close to lacerating his larynx on ‘Brickwork’. Whilst, front person Becky Blomfield’s bass line on ‘Fight Skirt’ is so fat it’s like a full smack in the face.

Milk Teeth slow down momentarily to drop the swoonsome ‘Swear Jar (Again)’ from their debut album, ‘Vile Child’. The unhinged buzz of ‘Stain’ finally creeps the set to a close. And, Milk Teeth have got us well and truly hyped for the day ahead.

As It Is

Chants of ‘AS IT IS! AS IT IS’ echo round the Big Top tent as emo’s greatest new hope take to the stage. ‘The Reaper’ is quickly unleashed with such a ferocity that it nearly blows the roof off the Big Top tent.

Front man Patty Walters is a born showman and we’re instantly under his dark spell as he tears through cuts from the band’s latest album, ‘The Great Depression’. He has us waving our hands high for the love song it’s ok to like, ‘The Handwritten Letter’. Before ‘The Two Tongues (Screaming Salvation)’ he demands to see a “really big mosh pit” and how could we refuse.

Patty declares that the next song they’re going to drop is, “the heaviest song to be played to today”. As the drums kick in for ‘The Question, The Answer (Reimagined)’ and Patty’s pristine pitch goes to a guttural roar, the first circle pit of the day goes off.

The rallying call of ‘Wounded World’ has people literally running for the mosh pit. Whilst, ‘The Stigma (Boys Don’t Cry)’ has us singing our lungs out one last time. And, with that As It Is are gone.

As It Is

The Maine

“You are watching a band called The Maine”, declare the giant red screens on either side of the stage – just in case you weren’t sure.

Opening with a raucous ‘Slip The Noose’, the band, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, and clad entirely in white, stir the crowd into a frenzy just seconds after emerging on stage. Wasting no time, they leap straight into ‘Numb Without You’ as hands make their way in the air from front to back.

“Take it down to the surfboard!”, demands John O’Callaghan during ‘Am I Pretty?’ as the crowd sinks down to the floor before jumping up again for the huge chorus. Taking us back to the MySpace days during emo classic ‘Girls Do What They Want’, the band invite a fan on stage to help them with the chorus – as if we could forget – and then get the entire crowd to chant his name. Fan goals. We salute you, Chris Barnes.

The screens now display the tongue in cheek “We apologise for the inconvenience, You Me At Six will be on soon”, but let’s face it, no apology is needed when you end with a banger as huge as ‘Black Butterflies and Deja Vu’. Thanks to The Maine, We Are OK.

The Maine

Sundara Karma

If Milk Teeth brought the growls to Gunnersville, then Sundara Karma are packing pure pop bangers.

The band cherry pick cuts for us to taste from their latest album, ‘Ulfilas Alphabet’. Opener ‘A Song For My Future Self’ has the carefree attitude of a summer’s day in the park with your mates. Whilst, ‘Higher States’ grabs us in a fierce hug of furied beats. And, ‘Symbols of Joy and Eternity’ shimmers as bright as the sun beating down outside.

It’s not all new jams as the Reading quartet smash out early anthem, ‘Flame’. Before, ‘She’ Said’ from their debut album, ‘Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect’, front person Oscar asks us to be present right now and not think of tomorrow. As the song’s earworm chorus races in, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than Gunnersville right now.

As ‘One Last Night On Earth’ races the set to a close Sundara Karma have made their mark today.

Sundara Karma

Deaf havana

Deaf Havana emerge to huge cheers and kick off their set with a bang with ‘Boston Square’. “Sup London, nice to be home!”, grins frontman James Veck-Gilodi. The band have recently been on a huge tour of Asia and Australia, so Gunnersville marks their triumphant return to their home country.

Things briefly get dark on the atmospheric ‘Hell’, before the punchy upbeat drums of ‘Holy’ get everybody jumping. Bubbles and balloons are flying through the crowd as the band’s logo glows in pink behind the drums. There’s huge singalongs for crowd pleasers ‘Mildred (Lost A Friend)’ and ‘Trigger’ that echo around the tent.

Deaf Havana finally whip the crowd up one last time into a euphoric bouncefest, as the infectious riff of ‘Sinner’ closes the set.

Deaf Havana

Jimmy Eat World

Total legends Jimmy Eat World are here on the Gunnersville stage and we can’t quite believe it. The Arizona rockers open up with ‘Pain’, the biggest track from their 2004 album ‘Futures’, and the tent goes off.

The band hit out back-to-back classics as the thudding pulse of ‘Futures’ is chased down by the soaring solos of ‘Work’. ‘Bleed American’ gives Gunnersville the biggest singalong of the day so far. And, as a deafening cry of “ARE YOU LISTENING? WHOAAAAAAA” rings out you know it can only be ‘Sweetness’.

In an unforgettable moment, You Me At Six’s Chris joins the band on stage for classic acoustic ballad, ‘Hear You Me’. As phones lights go up high in the air, you can see this track means as much to Chris as it does to us.

The band come through on their promise and play new track, ‘Criminal Energy’. It’s rocky cut that leaves us hyped to get hold of their upcoming 10th album.

We don’t want this to end, but the band sweeten the deal by giving us one last swoon to ‘Lucky Denver Mint’ from their third album ‘Clarity. As well as having us bounce hard to the stuttering perfection of ‘Bleed American’ cut, ‘A Praise Chorus’.

And, finally it’s here, the track that’s etched into our souls – the one, the only, the iconic – ‘The Middle’. As those scratched chords kick in and Jim says ‘hey’, we know everything is going to be alright, alright.

Jimmy Eat World

You Me At Six

It’s the show we’ve all been counting down the days, minutes and seconds to – You Me At Six headlining Gunnersville. And, as the band walk out on stage we’ve never be more ready to sing and bounce our hearts out to two hours of non-stop YMA6 bangers.

It’s a monumentous occasion as the band are playing all of their singles in chronological order. The opening riff of early single  ‘Save It For The Bedroom’ kicks it all off and the atmosphere in the tent is electric.

The ‘Take Of Your Colours’ singles just keep on coming as the band drop ‘Gossip’ and ‘Jealous Minds Think Alike’.  But, it’s when they play MySpace track ‘Finders Keepers’ that we really find our voice with one of the first of many uproarious singalongs.

‘The Consequence’ signals that we’ve moved into ‘Hold Me Down’ territory, their second album. It’s a real blast from the past as Sean Smith, formerly of The Blackout, arrives on stage to perform it with front man Josh Franceschi.

The band rocket through ‘Stay With Me’ and ‘Liquid Confidence’ with the crowd in the palm of Josh’s hand all of the way. Whilst, ‘Underdog’, one of the biggest songs of their six album career, has everyone singing so loud that Josh could leave as we’ve got this.

‘Loverboy’ from You Me At Six’s third album, ‘Sinners Never Sleep’, switches the show up another notch as pyro shoots high up from the stage. The first slower song comes in the form of tender ballad, ‘No One Does It Better’.  But, the sentimental moment doesn’t last as Josh announces, “this song goes out to everyone I don’t f**k with anymore” for the gloriously heavy and hooky, ‘Bite My Tongue’.

Josh Franceschi You Me At Six

Throughout tonight’s set you can see how much this homecoming show means to the band. All of them are giving their a-game in a performance worthy of arenas. And, when Josh shares in one of his many heartfelt speeches that “You Me At Six are a band of the people” we know he means it.

‘Lived A Lie’ has us racing into their huge third album, ‘Cavalier Youth’,  and making us feel like it’s 2014 all over again. Josh tonight has been every inch the front man performing with a magnetic energy and faultless vocals. For ‘Fresh Start Fever’ he has us moshing in a circle pit and effortlessly scales all the vocal highs and lows of ‘Cold Night’.

The set is over half way and 18 singles down, but we’re still going strong as Josh howls out the “woah oh ohs!” of ‘Night People’. But, nothing can prepare us for the gravity of ‘Take On The World’. Before the song Josh tells us how music has changed his life and how he’d never thought he’d be “in something as profound as You Me At Six”. As a sea of phone lights go up in their air, you can feel the tent coming together with the band for this incredible moment.

The show hurtles to a close as YMA6 get everyone to drop to the floor to jump up for ultimate anthem ‘Fast Forward’ from their most recent album, ‘VI’. Whilst, dancefloor bangers ‘Back Again’ and ‘Straight Into My Head’ has everyone back on their feet.

Latest single ‘What’s It Like’ brings the show to an explosive close. Everyone slams to the song’s infectious trap beat as Josh, who can no longer be held by the stage, dives in the pit. As the band finally leave the tent, we know this was a night that will go down in YMA6 history.

They go by the name You Me At Six and this was Gunnersville.