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Get ready for Gunnersville with our FAQ

Our gunnersville faq is here to give you all the info you need to know for your time in Gunnersbury Park this weekend.

from travel info to set timings we’ve got you covered.

Big Top

We know you can’t wait to watch our headliners Doves, The Specials and You Me At Six at Gunnersville this weekend. But, before leaving for the event why not check out our handy FAQ to make sure you’ve got everything you need.

In our FAQ you can find out how to get to Gunnersbury Park, the set times for each day, what bag checks will be in place and so much more.

Give it a quick read and start getting excited for the amazing weekend ahead of you.

You can also check out our information section to discover even more about the event.

What time does the event start and finish?


Friday 6th September

Time: 3.30pm – 10.30pm

The Specials

Saturday 7th September

Times: 3.30pm – 10.30pm

You Me At Six

Sunday 8th September

Time: 12.30pm – 10.30pm

What’s the latest time i can enter the event?

You can find the last entry times for each day below.

Doves – Friday 6th September

Last Entry: 21.30

The Specials – Saturday 7th September

Last Entry: 20.50

You Me At Six – Sunday 8th September

Last Entry: 20.30

Is it possible to leave and reenter the event?

No, once you enter the event it is not possible to leave and reenter. Gunnersville has a no readmission policy.

What time does the box office open each day?

Friday 2:30pm – 21:15pm

Saturday 2:30pm – 20:45pm

Sunday 11:30am – 20:15pm

*Box office times are subject to change.

My ticket hasn’t arrived yet, what can I do?

You need to contact the ticket agent that you bought your ticket(s) from if your ticket hasn’t arrived.

If you booked your ticket with Ticketmaster/Front Gate please call 0333 003 5937. If you booked your ticket with a different ticket agent, please contact them directly.

Where can I find set times for Gunnersville?

Set times are now live on the website. Click here to view set times.

How do I get to Gunnersville?

By Tube

Acton Town Underground Station is the nearest tube station to the event and is a 7 minute walk to the main park entrance.

Both the District and Piccadilly Lines go to Acton Underground Station.

Please note, the Piccadilly line will be closed westbound on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September from Acton Town to Uxbridge. This does not affect Piccadilly line services from Acton Town into Central London or from Acton Town to Heathrow. It also does not affect the District line services from Acton Town.

When leaving the event to walk to Acton Town, please exit through the Main Entrance.

By Train

The closest train station is Ealing Broadway, which is a 25 minute walk to the main park entrance. You can get trains from Paddington to Ealing Broadway with the journey taking around 9 minutes.

Last trains from Ealing Broadway to Paddington

When leaving the event to walk to Ealing Broadway, please exit through the Main Entrance.

Friday and Saturday

23.58, 00.18 and 00.28.


0.58, 00.07, 00.23.

By Bus

If you want to travel by bus to Gunnnersville both the E3 and N11 stop close to the event site. For further information and updates, please visit the TFL website.

When leaving the event to walk to catch your bus, please exit through the Main Entrance.

By Taxi, mini cab or uber

A taxi, minicab and Uber pick up point will be available from 7.30pm each evening. Please use this point when booking a taxi, minicab or Uber to leave the event.

Please exit the Gunnersville event arena through Emergency Exit Gate E (next to Bar 1) to get to our taxi, mini cab and Uber pick up point at the end of the evening. It’s only a short walk from there.

By Car

Please do not travel by car to Gunnersville. There is strictly no parking and there is no pick up or drop off area at the event or in the surrounding areas. There will also be extensive road closures in the area.

We strongly advise you to travel to the event by public transport, bike or on foot.

By Bike

You can travel to Gunnersville by bike and store your bike in our dedicated Bike Park. Once you get to near the event just follow our directional road signage to the Bike Park.

By Foot

Gunnersbury Park is surrounded by well maintained footpaths so you can walk to the event.

Where can I find a map for Gunnersville?

The Gunnersville Maps are now live on the website. Check out our Getting To Gunnersville Map to find out how to get the event when you arrive in the local area.

And, to see where everything is at the event take a look at our Gunnersville Site Map.

I’m a disabled access customer, which gate should I use to enter the event?

Our Disabled Access Check-in is located at the cabin to the left of the Main Entrance. Please look for the sign ‘Accessible Customers’ and enter the event through the Access lane at the Main entrance.

Are there bag restrictions to get into the event?

Yes, bag restrictions are in place at Gunnersville.  Small bags are allowed into the event with the dimensions W21cm x H30cm x D8cm. Large bags are not allowed to be taken into the event. There is no cloakroom.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the event.

How can I find out what I can bring and what I can’t bring to Gunnersville?

Visit our Event Essentials for a full list of what you can and can’t bring to the event.

Can I bring water/soft drinks or snacks into the festival?

We’re glad you asked as you can bring empty reusable plastic and metal bottles into the event. You can refill these at free water points inside the event. No sealed bottles and no restriction on bottle size.

You can also bring snacks into the event for your own personal consumption.

What food will be available at Gunnersville?

Street Feast, London’s biggest food markets, will be on site to serve you food from around the globe.

Visit our Street Food page to find out all of the vendors coming to Gunnersville.

Do I need to bring ID?

Please bring ID to the event. If you look under 25 years old remember that legally there is no automatic right to be served alcohol.

The only accepted proof of age documents are:

  • A Passport (Not a photocopy)
  • Full Driving Licence or Provisional Licence
  • A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram
  • A Ministry of Defence identity card
  • A National identity card issued by an EU member state

What security checks do you have in place at Gunnersville?

We take the security and safety of our event-goers very seriously – it is a real priority. Please help us by bringing as little as possible and remember we do not allow bags larger than A4 into the arena. Please be patient while we carry out our security checks and searches, which take place at point of entry to the event.

Our security staff are there for your safety – please co-operate with them as they work to keep us all safe and sound. Some are covert, but most are obvious by their numbered tabard. Always go to them if you need help.

The medical tent is fully staffed and open in line with the arena. There are security measures you will see and of course ones that you can’t.

We work very closely with The Met Police and members of the security services to ensure our security procedures are up to date and we are following best practice. We put a lot of time and effort on briefing and training and run emergency exercises. Please help us by reporting anything that doesn’t look right to you and also please let us know if you spot an area where we can do better and we will get on it.

How are you helping to reduce the environmental impact of the event?

We love Gunnersbury Park and like you we want to keep it as one London’s favourite green spaces. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the festival but we need your help to make it happen.

Three Bin System

Help us to reduce waste at the event by using the correct bin for your rubbish:

Compost – When you buy food from the traders at Gunnersville, everything your food comes in is compostable so plates, cutlery and napkins can be placed in the compost bins along with the food scraps.

Recycle – rPET bottles, aluminium cans, newspapers, magazines and clean and dry cardboard (no used greasy pizza boxes as these do not recycle).

General Waste – There should be minimal left over that goes into General Waste.

Single Use Plastic

We’re working hard to eliminate the single use plastic that is sold at the event:

  • All our food is served in compostable containers and wooden cutlery
  • There will be no plastic straws at the event, only paper ones for people who need to use them
  • Alcoholic & soft drinks will be served in paper cup
  • All water bottles sold are made from recycled plastic.

How should I prepare for weather?

Although all the performances at Gunnersville take place in a big top tent it’s still a good idea to be prepared for the weather. So,  make sure you wear and bring clothes with you that ensure you’re covered for whatever the weather may be – hat, sunglasses, rainwear, warm clothing.

You can bring Sunscreen (100ml or less) into the festival with you.


Not got your tickets yet? It’s not to late to watch Doves, The Specials, You Me At Six at Gunnersville this weekend. Tickets on sale now!