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6 Best Jimmy Eat World Music Videos

there’s just two weeks to go until jimmy eat world play gunnersville on sunday 8th september! to get you hyped for the big day we’re counting down the 6 best jimmy eat world music videos

Jimmy Eat World have gifted us with banger after banger ever since the sublime trilogy of ‘Clarity’, ‘Bleed American’ and ‘Futures’, right through to 2016’s ‘Integrity Blues’. We all know Jimmy Eat World’s best songs from their 26 year career, but what are the Arizona rockers best videos?

Well, funny you should ask as we’ve picked out the 6 Best Jimmy Eat World Videos for you. Check it out now for a dose of noughties nostalgia and of course non-stop anthems.

What could be better than watching Jimmy Eat World videos? Watching Jimmy Eat World live at Gunnersville on Sunday 8th September with headliners You Me At Six.

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1. ‘The Middle’

The video for Jimmy Eat Word’s massive anthem ‘The Middle’ from ‘Bleed American’ is totally iconic. Released in 2001, it went down in history as that video with everyone partying in their undies. Well, everyone apart from the band – good shout there, guys.

Like the song itself the video is all about staying true to yourself…and not getting naked just because everyone else is.

It’s going to go off when the band drop this at Gunnersville.

2. ‘Lucky Denver Mint’

Unlike our headliners You Me At Six, Jimmy Eat World normally steer clear of acting in their videos. But, in the ‘Lucky Denver Mint‘ video taken from their second album, ‘Clarity’, the band go all in.

Watch as our emo heroes play a game of basketball and then frisbee against a tough group of bros. We think you’ll agree that the best part of the video has to be that final scene.

Also, keep an eye out for scenes from the Drew Barrymore starring ‘Never Been Kissed’ as ‘Lucky Denver Mint’ was included on the film’s soundtrack.

3. ‘Pain’

Firstly, those baseball bat wielding twins. Anyone who has seen the video to ‘Pain’ will remember the two kids in the tracksuits that look like Ari and Uzi Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.

In the video these evil twins follow around a guy who’s intent on causing himself pain. It’s Jackass gone emo as he chucks himself down the stairs, headbutts windows and finally covers himself in meat to be attacked by dogs.

Trust us, it’s not as dark as it sounds, but it’s definitely one of Jimmy Eat World’s creepiest video alongside ‘My Best Theory’.

4. ‘Sweetness’

This track is so immense the video could have just been Jim Atkins sucking on a sugar cube and we still would’ve watched it. Thankfully, the band weren’t as lazy as us and gave a performance video for ‘Sweetness’ that looks like it’s filmed in another dimension.

Using a mix of stop animation, rotoscoping and computer animation, this video ramps up the energy from this ‘Bleed American’ classic all the way to 11.

5. ‘Work’

Grab a tissue as this one is emosh. High School is something we’ve all got strong memories of and the video for ‘Work‘ taps right into them.

Shot at Madison West High School in Madison, Wisconsin it features real life students going through the mundanity of high school. But, the real kick in the feels is at the end when the students talk about their dreams of getting out. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

6. ‘Always Be’

And, finally we’re back at school but this time we’re on a field trip. The video for ‘Always Be‘ taken from the sixth album ‘Chase The Light’ is like the PG-13 version of Ross and Rachel’s date at the museum in Friends.

Filmed at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, a girl and a boy break off from their classmates to hang out together. Unlike the lyrics to the song, the girl isn’t far from reach and they end up together. Bless.



Watch Jimmy Eat World live at Gunnersville on Sunday 8th September alongside headliners You Me At Six and more special guests.

Tickets on sale now for just £35 plus booking fee.