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5 Things We Learned From Jimmy Eat World’s New Album ‘Surviving’

jimmy eat world are finally back with their 10th album. But, what’s new with our favourite Arizona rockers? Find out in our 5 Things You Can learn from Jimmy Eat World’s ‘surviving’.

it’s a return to their roots

Whilst their last album ‘Integrity Blues’ was undoubtedly a change in sound from their previous work, ‘Surviving’ is a return to the band’s emo roots. The riffs from ‘Diamond’ and the epic ‘Congratulations’ wouldn’t sound out of place on 2001’s ‘Bleed American’, but there’s nothing outdated here. It’s simply a classic Jimmy Eat World record.

jim adkins is stronger than ever

In an interview with Billboard, Jim discussed how he’s been six years sober and is all the better for it. “Everything is better – 100 percent better – no question about it”, he said. “When you’re able to really focus and be as present as you can, hold onto a sense of self-awareness when you’re playing music… that’s really where it’s at, man.”

Jimmy Eat World

they’ve taken inspiration from things you wouldn’t expect

“Since about 2015, I’ve been subjecting crowds to house music of pretty much just ’80s electro,” Jim told Alternative Press. When discussing the “modern pop” sound of the track ‘555’, he said: “I don’t know if that plays a role in where that idea came from, but probably”. In an interview with SPIN, he also mentioned that Van Halen and Rage Against The Machine had also been influences. Talk about diverse.

Jimmy Eat World

there’s two guest features on the album

You’ve probably heard that Davey Havok, the frontman of fellow iconic emo band AFI, provides guest vocals on the closing track ‘Congratulations’. But, the big sax solo on ‘All The Way (Stay)’ is actually performed by James King, a multi-instrumentalist who is one of the founders of LA soul band Fitz And The Tantrums.

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less is more

“If you have a bunch of things that are really loud, pretty quickly it doesn’t seem all that loud,” Jim explained in an interview with Rock Sound. “So what can we take away? How little can we have to make something feel complete?”. Watch the full interview below.

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