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5 Biggest Moments of You Me At Six’s Headline Set

you me at six’s awesome two hour gunnnersville set was made up of non-stop back to back bangers. needless to say, it’s pretty hard to pick the 5 biggest moments, but here goes!

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1. That mosh pit for ‘Underdog’

For the whole two hour set the Gunnersville big top was one giant mosh pit. But, nothing could prepare us for when the band dropped ‘Underdog’ and the whole tent shouted along to this ‘Hold Me Down’ classic.

2. Bringing out Sean Smith

As we arrived in the territory of second album ‘Hold Me Down’, it was time for ‘The Consequence’. We all know that this song featured Sean Smith (of The Blackout, Raiders, and Sappenin’ Podcast fame) – but was any one expecting him to appear on stage toΒ scream the bridge along with Josh?! Minds were blown.



3. Josh getting sassy

“This song goes out to everyone I don’t f**k with anymore,” declared Josh before ‘Bite My Tongue’ kicked in. It was time to get angsty as everyone’s favourite Oli Sykes-featuring mosh anthem roared from the speakers. “You get me OOOONNNNN THE EDGE OF MY SEAT…”

Josh You Me At Six

4. ‘take on the world’giving us all the feels

As the end of the show got closer, it was time to grab onto your mates, partner, or even just the random next to you for an epic slow dance to ‘Take On The World’. We all stood swaying with our arms round each other to the biggest pop rock love song of our time – made bittersweet by the fact we knew the show would be over soon. Sob.

5. That finale

YMAS’s Gunnersville set ended with an explosive finale – quite literally. As they launched into brand new song ‘What’s It Like’ (a banger if ever we’ve heard one), confetti cannons shot into the air and Josh got up close and personal with the crowd as he dived in. What a way to end. Take us back.

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